UV Index - Daily Dose (Radiant Exposure) - Forecast:

This is the predicted erythemally effective daily dose for tomorrow. The forecast is done for a horizontally oriented plane receiver by using the CIE action spectrum for the human erythema derived by McKinlay and Diffey (CIE 1987).
The core procedure is a fast spectral UV model, which is already validated by measurements of irradiance (Schmalwieser et al. 2001) and daily dose made at 4 continents (Schmalwieser et al. 2005) as well as by comparisons to other models (Koepke et al. 1998, Schmalwieser et al. 2000).
A simple preparation scheme (Schmalwieser et al. 2002) is applied to total ozone measurements made by EPTOMS delivers appropriate TOC values for the next day.

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Last modification: March 12, 2005