Non-ionising/Optical Radiation (200-800nm)

Contact: Mag.Dr. A. Schmalwieser (alois.schmalwieser (at) Phone DW 4324) Daily Sun Protection Forecast
• We offer a daily Forecast for Sun Protection (Sun Protection Factor, UV-Index, Sun Burn Time, ..) as maps (Example) or as tabled values (Example). The Forecasts can also supported by verbal comments.

Measurements of Sun Protection
• Our possibilitis range from transmission measurements (glasses, materials, ...) to complete test procedure for Sun cremes.

Characterisation of UV sensors and Radiation Measuring Devices (200-800nm)
• Absolute calibration
• Spectral response
• Linearity
• Cosine Response
• Temperature Sensitivity
• Humdity Sensitivity
• and others

Characterisation of Sources (200nm-800nm)
• Spectral characterisation
• Biologically effectiveness
• Influence of Aging
• Emittance along the surface
• and others

Mobile measurements
• Most of the measurements and characterisation can also done on side.

Data Visualisation, Analysis and Modelling
• Our possibilities in data visualisation range from producing graphs, maps,..
• including statistical analysis
• to online visualisation of actually measured data.

Alois W. Schmalwieser
Tel.: +0043-1-25077-4324