European UV-Index Initiative

The European UV-Index Initiative was founded during the conference ECUVM2018.
Aim of this initiative is to:

  • Enhance the visibility of online UV-Index measurements.

  • Disburden access to UV-Index measurments.

  • Improve visualisation and quality.

  • Report

    1) As a first step in enhancing the visibility of online UV-Index measurements and to disburden access to UV-Index measurements the web-page:

    was established. The main page provides a clickable country map of Europe, which links to the individual web-pages of single stations and networks. Also, links to networks on other continents have been added.

    2) As another main pillar, the Austrian UV Network (hosted by the Institute of Medical Physics, Innsbruck, Austria) has offered to embed measurements from high quality instruments into a joint visualisation. Currently stations from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria are integrated:

    Future Activities:

    The next meeting of the board, members and all who want to join the initiative in future, will be held during ECUVM2022 in February 2022.
    The agenda will come up soon!