Confirmed Abstracts (29.7.2022, will be updated soon)

Oral Presentations
 Stefan Bauer, Germany: Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Risk Estimates – A Comparison of Different Action Spectra and Detector Responsivities
 David Bolsee, Belgium: UV radiation in Novi Sad (Serbia): UV Index monitoring and variability of high erythemal UV radiation doses
 Klara Cizkova, Czech Rep.: Monitoring of spectral UV radiation at Marambio Base, Antarctic Peninsula Region
 Agnieszka Czerwinska, Poland: Patterns of teenagers’ outdoor exposure in Spring-Autumn period during and after the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Poland
 Henri Diemoz, Italy: All-sky radiative transfer modelling in the Aosta Valley region in the frame of the SOUVENIR project
 Julian Gröbner, Switzerland: How well do we need to measure solar UV irradiance to still be useful?
 Felix Heinzl, Germany: Imputation methods for UV monitoring data gaps
 Gregor Hülsen, Switzerland: Towards a traceable global solar UV monitoring network
 Barbara Klotz, Austria: Quality assurance and Quality control of the Austrian UV monitoring network
 Peter Knuschke, Germany: Distribution of the solar UV exposure in the head/neck region – requirements for headgears and supplemental topical sunscreen application for skin cancer prevention
 Axel Kreuter, Austria: The Austrian UV measurement and research project: New developments, insights and future plans
 Kaisa Lakkala, Finland: UV Index monitoring: locally by FMI’s ground-based radiometers and globally by TROPOMI and GOME-2 satellite instruments
 Kamil Laska, Czech Rep.: UV-monitoring network of Masaryk University, Czech Republic: data processing and evaluation
 Sebastian Lorenz, Germany: 25 years of solar UV monitoring in Dortmund, Germany – data processing and trend analysis of UV index values and daily erythemal UV dose
 Slavica Malinovic-Milicevic, Serbia: UV radiation in Novi Sad (Serbia): UV Index monitoring and variability of high erythemal UV radiation doses
 Niklas Papathanasiou, Germany: Self-sustaining UV Index sensor node
 Panagiotis Raptis, Greece: UV erythemal and vitamin D retrieval from surface-based and satellite measurements and UVIOS nowcasting model simulations for Athens, Greece
 Petrus Santa-Cruz, Brazil: Functionalized Printable Strips for Solar UV Dosimetry as Active Part of a Device for Personal Monitoring of Cutaneous Vitamin D3 Production
 Verena Schenzinger, Austria: Improving albedo in UV forecasts
 Alois Schmalwieser, Austria: Seasonal and lifelong changes in skin color and pigmentation of Austrian farming families
 Josef Schreder, Austria:
 Michael Schwarzmann, Austria: A near real-time UV-Index map for Europe
 Claudine Strehl, Germany: Measurement of leisure time personal UVR exposure - On the way towards a holistic prevention concept
 Claudine Strehl, Germany: Intercalibration of different sensors for personal monitoring of solar ultraviolet radiation
 Laurent Vuilleumier, Switzerland: A Satellite-Derived High-Resolution UV Climatology for Public Health
 Ann Webb, UK: Subverting the UV index to balance public health messaging across the globe
 Philipp Weihs, Austria:

 Henri Diemoz, Italy: Monitoring of solar spectral and broadband ultraviolet irradiance in Aosta, Italy: recent advances
 Henri Diemoz, Italy: Variability and trends of the surface solar spectral ultraviolet irradiance in Italy
 Sarah Eschenbacher, Austria:
 Denes Fekete, Hungary: Time series intercomparison of total column ozone and aerosol optical depth data as measured by a SolarSIM-D2 multi-filter radiometer, Brewer spectrophotometer, SP02 sunphotometer and LI-1800 spectroradiometer
 Alba Flores Regalado, Spain: Preliminary comparison of UV AvaSpec-2048 CCD Array Spectroradiometers with Brewer #150
 Alba Flores Regalado, Spain: Experimental characterisation of the linearity in UV-VIS AvaSpec-2048 CCD Array Spectroradiometers
 Carmen Gonzalez Hernandez, Spain: Total ozone column estimation from global UV spectral irradiance measurements of a BTS array spectroradiometer
 Carmen Gonzalez Hernandez, Spain: Stray-light characterization of a StellarNet CCD Array Spectrometer using filters
 Daniele Grifoni, Italy: Protection of outdoor workers from solar ultraviolet radiation: some results on shade and clothes for beach lifeguards in Tuscany (Italy)
 Michael Higlett, UK: Public Awareness of UV Index #1
 Michael Higlett, UK: Public Awareness of UV Index #2
 Sara Leon Robino, Spain: The UVEX App: Raising public awareness of the risks of solar UV radiation
 Alexander Mangold, Belgium: Time series analysis of UV measurements at Uccle (Belgium) and Utsteinen (Antarctica)
 Marie Novotna, Czech Rep.: Preliminary results of total ozone and UV radiation measurements in Brno, Czech Republic
 Anna Pribullova, Slovakia: Total ozone and aerosol influence on local UV index variability
 Alois Schmalwieser, Austria:
 Florian Schwabel, Austria:
 Anna Maria Siani, Italy: A comparative study among different empirical approaches for the short-term prediction of the UV Index
 David Tichopad, Czech Rep.: Comparison of erythemal UV radiation and total ozone column during spring 2019 and 2020 in central Svalbard, Arctic