UV- Index for the Public

A guide for publication and interpretation of solar UV Index forecasts for the public prepared by the Working Group 4 of the COST-713 Action
 “UVB Forecasting”


Authors and acknowledgements

COST-713 participanting countries

1. Introduction 
2. UV solar radiation – a basic review 
Atmospheric ozone 
Solar elevation
Atmospheric scattering
Clouds and haze
Ground reflection

3. Definition of the UV Index and its physical explanation 
UV radiation and action spectra
Minimal Erythemal Dose 
The UV Index - a UV parameter for the public 
UV Index forecasting 

4. Practical use of the UV Index 
UV Index and its modification by clouds and altitude
Skin types
Sunburn times
Exposed to the sun
Protection of the skin
Sunscreens and Sun Protection Factor
Protection of the eye

5. Estimation of the UV Index climatology – examples 

6. UV Index in the 21st century 

Appendix A:  20 key questions and answers about the UV radiation 
Appendix B:  Reference institutions in the COST-713 countries 
Appendix C:  UV Index forecasting systems in the COST-713 countries 
Appendix D:  List of the Internet Web pages with UV information – 1999
Appendix E:  List of the reference UVI and COST-713 publications